Cannabidiol (CBD) product legal < 0.2% THC

CBD voor dieren

CBD works in both animals and humans, thanks to the endo-cannabinoid system. Located throughout the body, this collection of receptors allows cannabinoids such as CBD to interact with our bodies. Animals are therefore just as receptive as we humans.

Whether your furry family members are dogs, cats or horses, CBD products are right for everyone. CBD can help them suppress more than just symptoms of anxiety or pain. Just like humans, animals have an endocannabinoid system that is naturally part of the central nervous system, but certain debilitating illnesses or stressful situations can disable this system and negatively affect your pet's quality of life.

A growing body of research shows that using CBD products can alleviate the symptoms of various ailments, making everyday life more manageable for them. This is especially true for animals suffering from chronic pain.

Give the animals in your life the attention they deserve.


  • Concentrations
    5% to 40%
  • CBD